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California Ticket Masters understands that people are in desperate need of answers on how to take care their ticket issues without having to hire expensive lawyers that half the time never even show up to court or only negotiate deals with the courts which translates into a guilty verdict. Most people that attempt to fight their tickets on their own (95%-98%) lose their cases due to their lack of understanding of the law. I mean lets face it, how many people actually own a Constitution or a Vehicle Code book or have ever read it? Not very many people right? Well let me pose this question, if you have never read these books then how can you ever properly defend yourself against a court that does this day in day out. If CTM could show you how you can fight any ticket and win and never pay a ticket again, would you want to learn? No brainer right?

Well now our supporters can receive powerful teachings on how to get their traffic ticket(s) dismissed anytime by attending any one of our Traffic Academy Monthly semesters. In our Traffic Academy you will learn all about all rights granted to you by the Constitution and all statutory derivatives that protect you from any potential encroachment. You will also discover how easy it really is to defend yourself Pro Per for any traffic ticket. We will assist you to proficiently articulate your argument and gather a concrete understanding of the laws and court procedures. By the time it’s said and done you will have all the knowledge you will need to defend yourself in any traffic case now or in the future.

Step one – simply log on and become a CTM member.
Step two – enroll in the Traffic Academy plan that suits your needs.
Step three – Schedule your first class session. Your Traffic Academy Packet will be emailed to you. Download it, review it and attend your scheduled classes. Lastly, once you pass the class you will be ready to take on any traffic court and win. See our Rules of Engagement for class details.

We realize how intimidating the court process can be. So as a CTM member if you ever need to speak to a representative, we will be there for you every step of the way. We also offer detailed step by step instructions along with extensive FAQs that should answer most concerns.

Sparing Session: Practice creates perfection. It’s one thing to be a to answer a few multiple questions correctly base on the Academy curriculum, but being able to articulate that same information is most important. Our Sparing sessions are designed to assist students with being able to articulate their argument in a court of law. The ultimate goal as a Ticket Master is to be able to truly stand on your own and overcome any rebuttal an officer of the court may give.

License Reinstatement: Once you’ve become a member CTM will conduct a Forensic License investigation. Your Ticket Master Representative will check with all applicable agencies to check if there are any citation(s) holding your license. Any holds on your license we uncover we will act on your behalf to get all holds removed.

Free Consultation: As a CTM member feel free to contact us anytime. There are no questions too big or too small for our representatives to answer. We pride ourselves in providing our members with the best experience possible. Collectively we all win if we work together.

Video Tutorials: We realize that people learn differently, that’s why we’ve added the option for our students to be able to view a Ticket Master facilitate each section of the class. Simply locate the video icon and click on it. Watch the video clip as much as you need.

Webinars: Once a month the Ticket Master will host a live Academy for all Master Plan members. You will be able to log on and ask the Ticket Master any questions you have or simply listen to him explain each section in detail. It’s like you’re in a live lecture without ever leaving the comforts of home.

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