Suspended License

License Forensic Investigation: Once you have become a member CTM will conduct a Forensic License investigation. Your Ticket Master Representative will check with all applicable agencies to check if there are any citation(s) holding your license. If we uncover any hold(s) on your license we will act on your behalf to attempt to get all hold released.

Secure New Court Date(s): Once you have become a member and have selected the plan that fits your needs best, your CTM will set new court date for applicable citations. Now there is one less thing for you to worry about.

License Reinstatement Packet (FTP): For members with Failure to Pay on their driving record, this packet is tailor made for you. The removal of Failure to Pay holds consist of a 2 step process. You have the right by law to modify any existing order.

The first document in this packet is a Request for Modification of Original order. This document is designed to inform the court(s) of your intentions of addressing the issue and that you’re not trying to run from the problem but face it head on as a law abiding citizen should. Therefore, mail the RMO to the proper courthouse addressed on the letter. The court will respond by either giving you a new court date to appear; reducing the fine(s); in some cases the court may redirect you to discuss the matter with the collection agency on record. If the court requests you to speak to the collection agency, then we move on to step two of the process.

In order for you to be obligated to pay a debt, there must be a binding contractual instrument in place binding two parties to carry out said contract. In the next step, you will need to demand that the courts and the Collection agency provides you with any document binding you to pay the proposed amount. We know that you agreed to pay the court the day you were found guilty in court. But, when did you sign anything agreeing to pay a collection agency? Never, right? So we must request the document that allegedly binds you to pay the collection agency. The collection agency will not be able to produce such a document as there is no such document. Once that has been established, then we readdress the courts aggressively demanding that your case be rescheduled before an officer of the court.

In some cases law suits against court may be required.

Free Consultation: As a CTM member feel free to contact us anytime. There is no question too big or too small for our representatives to attend to. We pride ourselves in providing our members with the best experience possible. Collectively we all win if we work together.

Purge Aged Accounts: Knowing the law can open many doors. Many members have citations on their record that are beyond the scope of suspension. Your Ticket Master will have all citations that qualify under the law permanently removed from your driving record. This process can take up to 7 Business days.

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