DIY Ticket Workshop July

Do you have Traffic Tickets, Parking Tickets or Tickets in Collections! Well, Saturday 7/19/2014 California Ticket Masters will share some of the secrets that Lawyers will not on how you can Do It Yourself (DIY) and get any Ticket Dismissed.

There is no ticket that you can not beat. The founder of CTM built his reputation by practicing what he preaches. He has personally defeated Suspended License, Cell Phone, Speeding, Stop Sign and even Camera Tickets using the same method he will be sharing July 19th. For the past 4 years he and the rest of the CTM staff has been assisting others do the same. We want the same for you!

So if your tired of complaining and you are ready take action  you need to be at this WORKSHOP. We only require a $10 donation.

If you want immediate help with your citation, please bring your citation(s) and we will not only deduct your $10 donations from our service fees, but we will give you an additional 25% off on same day purchases.

Remember seating is limited so get registered today.