We believe that there is no ticket that you can not get dismissed with the proper education. Nearly all Traffic or parking cases are lost because of the public’s lack of knowledge of the law. Let’s face it, how many people actually have a Penal Code or a Vehicle code book in your personal library? Not very many people can say that they do.

Over 90% of all the ticket cases result in license suspension or a hold on your registration because the person didn’t respond to the tickets or lost the case and couldn’t afford the fines. Why is that? The number one reason is lack of knowledge! You cannot win against this system without knowledge and understanding of how it works.

Educating yourself is the best self defense method to combat a judge or a Cop in a traffic or parking case. California Ticket Masters is here to assist you by providing the public powerful courses like our Traffic and Parking Academy with defeating the ticket bully (court). California Ticket Masters is the only organization brave enough to bring the truth to the people.

We hold our 100% success rate close to the vest. If you want to fight your ticket and win and never pay a ticket again, become a member today.